The following tests are underway in the laboratory of “Helsicore”:
• Common clinical: General analysis of blood, General analysis of Urine.
• Clinical Chemistry: Biochemical analysis in blood and urine, coagulation, determination of blood gases and electrolytes, Glycolic hemoglobin.

• Serologic Researches: Determining Blood Group and Rhesus, Viruses with fast, easy method (HBsAG, anti-HCV, anti-HIV1 + 2, anti-SYPH)
• Various: Troponin (Quantitative), Cretin-Kinase MB, Thyrotropic Hormone, Free Thyroxin, Trivial Natriuretic Peptide, C-Peptide, Pleural and Pericardial Fluid Surveillance, Micro Albumin, homocysteine.

All of the above mentioned analyses are conducted with team of highly qualified professionals and latest equipment, namely:
Hematologic 18 parameter analyzers, MEK-6500K, Ser. # 00137. Nihon Kohden, Japan.
Binocular Microscope, Ura, Ser. # 21590. RAK, Spain.
Express Analyzer Smart 700/340. Ser. # Bd16164. EuroLyser Diagnostics GmbH, Austria.
Biochemistry Analyzer – PhotoMeter TSH – 350, Ser. # 801766988. BioSystems, Spain.
Biochemistry Analyzer Automatic-Turbidimeter A-15 SN831055944, BioSystems, Spain.
Immunological Automated Analyzer AIA-360, Ser. # 14963904. TOSOH, Japan.